Legionella Risk Assessments

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A legal requirement to ensure risks are minimised

Legionella is a bacteria that is linked to a number of different water systems such as water tanks, pipes, showers and whirlpool baths that are found in both domestic and commercial properties. If the bacteria that lives in these areas becomes airborne through water vapour and mist there is the potential for the bacteria to be inhaled, where it can then cause pneumonia related illnesses.

It is a legal requirement for companies and landlords to manage and minimise any risks that can be associated with Legionella and this includes undertaking risk assessments and putting into place any necessary measures.

Here at Blu-Fish we can help with Legionella Risk Assessments where we identify any hazards that may be evident, consider who is at risk from these, implement any control measures that may include regularly inspecting the pipework, replacing old units or flushing out systems fully and keeping up to date records and reviewing the risk assessment on a regular basis.