EV Charging Points

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Our team of electrical engineers will naturally be able to suggest the best installation methods for you to get your charging point installed

With the requirement of electric vehicles (EV) on the rise, it’s only natural that both commercial and domestic properties should feel the need to provide adequate charging stations.

By replacing standard petrol and diesel engines with cleaner electronic ones it helps the environment one car at a time. To compliment this, having a good spot to rapidly charge your car when at home or work will also be needed. It is possible to charge from a regular 3 pin plug into the mains of your house, but in some cases this can take multiple days to charge a battery, which is why we recommend our dedicated EV Charging Stations.

Standard House Plug
2.99kWMaximum output
  • There’s a simple formula to work it out: Amps * Volts = Watts.
  • 13 * 230 = 2990W
  • We know the volts – the UK uses 230V (+/- 10 percent) – and let’s limit Amps to 13 as that’s the highest-rated fuse you’ll find in a plug, including in multiway adapters.
  • Full charge can take multiple days

Government grants are available for commercial buildings

The OZEV electric vehicle chargepoint grant provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle smart chargepoints to commercial properties across the UK. For more information see the Government website below

A few of the most frequently asked questions

The short answer is yes, in the short term they are more expensive. There are more and more incentives coming into play to get people to buy wherever possible though. In the long run the benefit to tax and running costs will be clear, as well as the thought of knowing you’re actively helping towards a better planer.

Some vehicles can, but self-charging hybrids likely do not have a direct charging connection (or just a good enough range on the battery). Everything else can be charged with our charging point though.

Sure you can plug your car into your regular power sockets, but the time it will take and price you pay will not be anywhere near as efficient. With some vehicles a full charge can last into multiple days, meaning you have to always be planning much further into the future.

With a dedicated EV Car Charger however you can rapidly full charge from between 5 to 9 hours.

A standard 7Mw residential charger can take your vehicle from 10% to 80% in anywhere between 5 to 9 hours, making a full charge overnight or whilst working possible.

If using the 3 phase power from a larger property the time is reduced even further to reflect this.

Zappi Charging Stations

Our electricians supply and install Zappi EV Charging Stations, made by the British company Myenergi. They have several modes to compliment how works best with your energy spending needs, using the most energy during high solar power windows for example.

All the settings are readily available on your smartphone so you could time it for the evenings if your energy tariff offers cheaper usage during those hours.